Lipogaine Or Rogaine: That Is The Question!

Posted on June 29, 2017 in My Blog

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Hair loss sufferers all across the world, reeling from the beating that their lack of locks have given them, have only one question on their minds: Is there any solution for this dismal situation? For it’s not just their physical appearance that gets affected by the growing bald patch, rather it is their entire persona that undergoes a change. Suddenly, from being the lady with the long tresses, you become the lady with the thinning hair. The smart and suave guy, has the term “bald” added as an identifying trait, as soon as a hairless patch of scalp starts showing. Sounds horrid, right?

People who suffer from extensive hair loss, needn’t be depressed anymore. There are so many products on offer, that an average person can be seen to wonder: lipogaine or rogaine, that is the question. Both products, according to reviews posted at sites like, are quite popular, and have had their own measure of success. Let’s take a quick look at both Lipogaine and Rogaine, and see what benefits both have to offer.

Lipogaine: The Miracle In The Bottle
Lipogaine can be considered as the answer to many bald-headed guys’ heartfelt prayers. This product can been proven to be effective against hair loss, as well as being a strong hair regrowth stimulant. Its active ingredient is Minoxidil, which acts as a strong stimulant for hair regrowth. When combined with the other ingredients, like Saw Palmetto extract, Castor and Argan Oil, etc. the potency of Lipogaine increases manifold. It ends up rejuvenating the scalp, encouraging newer strands of hair to take root and grow strong.

Benefits of Using Lipogaine:
1: Lipogaine is far less expensive than the other products and hair loss treatments that are currently in the market, making this product quite affordable for all.
2: The remarkable results that have been associated with Lipogaine, makes this product a must-buy.
3: Lipogaine contains DHT blockers that has been shown to be effective against male pattern baldness.
4:The use of natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Saw Palmetto extract, etc. makes this a very eco-friendly product, suitable for those who require a break from harsh chemicals.

Rogaine: Solving Hair Loss
Rogaine is one of the first hair regrowth formulas to hit the market. This FDA approved hair loss combatting product is still quite popular, with many men vouching for its efficacy. Noticeable results can be seen, once treatment enters the fourth month. It too contains the powerful hair regrowth stimulant, Minoxidil.

1: It comes in the form of a foam-based aerosol, making the application of the product quite easy. The scalp easily absorbs the product as it is in the form of a foam.
2: Hair looks noticeably thicker with constant use, over a long period of time.
3: It doesn’t have any weird, awkward smells.

Which Is Better?
Many people have debated this. A vast majority have started using Lipogaine, as it contains several ingredients that work with Minoxidil as an effective permanent solution for hair loss.