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Know Some Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on September 21, 2017 in My Blog

Facts of Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is the basic requirement of all living organism to make their species grow. It is one of the basic instincts of a human being. But one factor that has been disrupting the sex life of many men is Erectile Dysfunction shortly referred as ED in medical parlance. Experts at the HealthGains explain the ED is a condition wherein a male individual cannot initiate or sustain a penile erection. As per the website, proper erection is necessary for the proper flow of sperms to the female orgasm and more important thing is the satisfaction of both partners. Intercourse will remain meaningless when it neither satisfies the partners nor meet the passage of sperm to the female orgasm.

Some of the major causes of erectile dysfunction include prostate cancer surgery, heart problems, diabetes, neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, false consumption of different drugs, wrong treatment of other disorders like ulcer and the resultant side effects. Sometimes physical, sociocultural and psychological factors may also lead to erectile dysfunction.

If you find yourself in this situation, there’s no need to panic because there are some drugs are available in the market for all your ED related problems. There are a ton of erectile dysfunction supplements on the market today, and all of them claim to work. There has been a long line of studies examining the relationship between erectile dysfunction (ED) and other conditions.

A team of meta research was concluded, i.e. a study that examines the existing published research to look for a balance of evidence. The theme was the relationship between endothelial dysfunction which is the most common underlying cause of ED, and hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease and heart disease. It confirms a strong signal to the medical profession that should appear for a consultation with ED, and the physician should not routinely prescribe Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Assuming there is no obvious cause for your ED, e.g., some kind of traumatic injury, you should first go through a full screen for cardiovascular diseases including measurement of the levels of lipids and blood glucose.

Penis pumps and other embarrassing products are nothing but gimmicks designed to take men’s valuable time and money. The only real answer is to buy a legitimate prescription product that is right for the particular male. In many cases, using prescribed medication, one of the world’s leading legitimate treatments against erectile dysfunction. Unlike all the false products on the market that act as blood flow supplements this medication is proven to work, often in as little as half an hour. It increases blood flow to the penis to produce a powerful erection in the user.

The difference between the other supplements prescribed medicine is the only products that can just be purchased, over the counter, from a local pharmacy, a health food store, or someplace shady like a convenience store, or can be purchased from legitimate online or traditional pharmacies. Since this medication is the “real deal,” patients are encouraged to speak with their doctors before making a purchase.